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Q: What is BladeMaster 2?

A: BladeMaster 2 is a text-based, arena combat simulation game. BladeMaster 2 is a resurrection of a classical BBS game. It's purpose it to create a greatly enhanced and open source game based on the original that is playable on modern systems.

Q: What is BladeMaster 2 written in? What libraries does it use?

A: BladeMaster2 is entirely written in C++. Ncurses will be used for all the (text) graphics. Update: we are currently working on implementing a GUI using FLTK (Fast Light Toolkit).

Q: What operating systems does BladeMaster 2 run on?

A: Presently, it has only been run/tested on Linux.

Q: What is the release order for different operating systems?

A: It will be initially released on Linux and then Win32. Also all *NIX should work with little tweaking due to the use of (n)curses. Currently we are not planning on porting to other platforms, but highly encourage ports by others. Once the GUI is implemented it should be easy to release it on X11, Win32, and Mac OS X.


Q: I get to the main menu, but then when I press play I get a segmentation fault?

A: If you are using an Xshell such as Xterm, gnome-terminal, eterm, etc. You MUST set your window size to 80x25 characters. There should be a solution to this soon in future versions. Logo